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    Education and Certification of sports related concussion training and concussion management through the use of interactive technology for youth athletes.

  • What do we do?

    We work alongside governing entities of amateur athletics to create educational material for athletes that instruct on concussion recognition and concussion prevention. Our goal is to eliminate concussions in sports.

  • How do we do it?

    We team up with governing entities of amateur athletics to collaborate in building sport specific educational videos being presented by superstar athletes.

    Our focus within these videos are:

    • Prevention of concussion
    • Concussion Recognition
    • Understanding concussions
    • How to prevent concussions and traumatic brain injury
    • Sports specific examples on to-do’s and do not’s

    These videos are communicated through iPhone and Android apps as well as an online version. We feel that the best way to communicate our message is not through doctors or subject matter experts, but with their guidance and by using a well-known and respected athlete who will encourage change in their respective sport.

  • What’s cool about us?

    We blend superstar athletes presenting + direction of medical professionals + our technology (Android, iPhone and desktop applications) = HeadSmart

  • Why do we care?

    There is a huge miss in our amateur sports culture. We develop educational materials intended for our coaches and officials. Unfortunately, both coaches and officials are reactionary to what happens to a player/participant. The roles of coach and official are secondary actors. HeadSmart focuses on the athletes. Those that are the primary participants. By educating these players in concussion prevention and recognition will reduce the number of occurrences and re-occurrences of traumatic brain injury.